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Digipost is New Zealand's most experienced visual effects post-production company specialising in medium-high end commercials as well as long form feature films and international television work.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics provided room acoustic and noise control consultation for the design of Digipost's new state-of-the-art post production audio facility.

The facility consists of two Dolby certified sound mixing rooms, two adjoining Foley/ADR rooms and connecting multi-purpose control room enabling clients to create end-to-end radio, TV and cinema commercials seamlessly in one facility.  Floating floors and independent structures for each room enable a high level of sound isolation to be achieved between adjacent audio suites and from heavy traffic on the adjacent road.


Low background noise levels and a balanced reverberation time across all frequencies were critical to the success of this facility.

The air-conditioning is treated to enable delicate foley recording to be undertaken in adjoining booths and to ensure mixes can be heard without any interference. The room acoustic design applies a balance of reflection control and diffusion to ensure the mixes translate well at their final presentation and to other world class facilities.

Mixing a project where you are able to hear every detail will ensure that you can deal with problems that might have gone unnoticed in lesser rooms. As delivery formats evolve, producers can be confident that their sound mix will stand the test of time

Murray Jeffery, Digipost