Park Road Post Production


Wingnut Films Ltd


Wellington, New Zealand

Completion date


Park Road Post Production is a film post production facility built from the ground up in Wellington, New Zealand.

The facility consists of two large THX-certified dubbing theatres, one smaller dubbing theatre, an ADR studio and control room, a Foley studio and control room, a digital theatre, a 180-seat client theatre, several edit suites, telecine and film laboratory facilities, and a host of client support spaces.

Our Brief

Marshall Day Acoustics provided room acoustic and noise control consultation to the in-house design team, and worked closely with the construction team to ensure that the integrity of the design was maintained throughout the construction phase.


The dubbing theatres were completed in time to host the final mix of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". This proved the first test for the acoustic isolation of these theatres, as construction of the rest of the facility continued throughout this project and several other Hollywood and New Zealand films.

Response from visiting post production teams to the new rooms has been excellent, with one mixer dubbing the large theatres "the best sounding film mixing theatres in the world".

Marshall Day has brought creative and flexible design solutions to the table, and has helped our facility to deliver top of the line international quality.

John Neill, Park Road Post Production