Luxury Yacht: Helios


Fitzroy Yachts


New Zealand

Completion date


Helios, a 37.5 metre (123ft) long luxury yacht built by Fitzroy Yachts of New Plymouth, was commissioned with stringent noise level requirements.

Our Brief

In a marine acoustics market saturated by over specification of noise control treatment using expensive proprietary products, Marshall Day Acoustics was engaged to bring our innovative design experience to the task.

We reviewed every aspect of sound and vibration generation and its path through the structure, including the propeller, engine and generator noise and vibration, wave impact, and cabin-to-cabin sound transfer. We provided cost savings where proprietary products were replaced with more effective noise control solutions.

The result of our specification and the diligent work of the Fitzroy Yachts' craftsmen is a very quiet yacht, exceeding both the Client's expectations and the strict noise level limits at the briefed 80% of maximum rated engine speed.


  • 37.5 metre cruising sailboat
  • very low design noise levels
  • high performance bulkhead design
  • innovative propeller vibration control
  • cost saving designs

...the noise and vibration levels are so low as to be nonexistent.