Lodewyk Jansen

Lodewyk Jansen

Lodewyk graduated with a B.Sc Honours in Geography and Environmental Management from South Africa. During his career he work in different fields from Air Quality to Contaminated land and finding his feet firmly in Acoustics. He accumulated 7 years of experience in Environmental Acoustics focusing on large scale impact assessments from industries such as open cast mines, process industries, transport projects and power generation projects.

He is a registered professional scientist in South Africa. He also holds memberships for both the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) and the Acoustic Society of America (ASA), both international acoustics bodies. The skills Lodewyk have in the field of acoustics are acoustic compute noise modelling, environmental measurements, traffic, construction and industrial assessments and consultation with clients.

Lodewyk joined the Hamilton office of Marshall Day Acoustics in August 2016. He has extensive experience in environmental noise monitoring and assessment for residential, commercial and industrial developments. A particular interest and area of expertise is road traffic assessments and heavy industry developments.

Qualifications and Membership

  • B.Sc Honors in Environmental Management and Geography

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