Javier Sanz

Javier Sanz

Javier graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications Engineering with honours and a Master’s in Acoustical Engineering for Building and Environment from the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. As part of his Master’s thesis Javier collaborated in the design of several recording studios and rehearsal rooms.

Since joining Marshall Day Acoustics in early 2014, Javier has been involved in a wide range of building and environmental projects, such as office spaces, apartments, courtrooms, theatres, recording studios and environmental noise monitoring and assessments. Javier has experience in room acoustics, sound insulation, mechanical services noise control and environmental noise assessments.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • BSc (Hons) Telecommunications Engineering
  • MSc Acoustical Engineering for Building and Environment
  • Affiliate Member of the Acoustical Society of New Zealand

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