Dandenong Rail Corridor


Victorian Department of Infrastructure



Completion date


In order to improve peak-hour services on the Pakenham rail line in Melbourne, the Victorian Department of Infrastructure proposed to construct a third track between Caulfield and Dandenong, together with stabling facilities at Pakenham and Cranbourne.

Scope of Services

Marshall Day Acoustics was commissioned to provide an initial noise and vibration impact assessment, which then progressed to a detailed assessment as the project moved forward.

The preliminary assessment was undertaken in terms of the extent of exposure to noise-sensitive land uses including residences, schools and other community facilities. A review of generic methods for noise and vibration control was included. Noise monitoring undertaken at a small number of representative sites.

For the detailed assessment, the computer noise model developed for the existing sections of the Airport Rail Link project was used to determine what changes would occur in maximum noise levels and average noise levels at residences affected by this project.

Noise from rail sidings was assessed following detailed measurements of train arrivals, train departures and train idling. A review of noise control options included management controls such as reducing the idling time, at-source control such as mufflers on below-deck equipment and propagation-path measures such as noise barriers.