Zengcheng Grand Theatre


Architectural Design & Research Institute


Zengcheng, China

Completion date


The Zengcheng Grand Theatre project, located one hour North-East of Guangzhou, is one of the new generation of performing arts centres in Mainland China. Designed in a second tier city, the performing art centre is built at human scale.

The project includes a 1,500 seat grand theatre and a 600 seat multipurpose and flexible theatre. Additional rehearsal rooms and other facilities will allow the large visiting orchestras and theatre companies to feel at home comfortably. They will also provide a very strong support for the local art community.

Located on the waterfront, the project aims at demonstrating that one does not need to live in the big centres to enjoy world class acoustics and smart planning.

Our Brief

  • Room acoustic design of course
  • Sound insulation
  • Noise & vibration control
  • Theatre planning review