The University of Auckland Undergraduate Science Labs


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This project involved the renovation of existing chemistry and biology laboratories used for both academic teaching and commercial research. 

The laboratories comprise two large teaching spaces for undergraduate chemistry students and a number of supporting spaces including a preparation lab, instrumentation lab, analytical lab, a change room and a separate write-up space.

The Undergraduate Laboratories project was one of the first completed stages of the larger sciences precinct development.

Our Brief

Acoustic consideration was given to the control of mechanical services noise, sound insulation between separate laboratory/office spaces and room acoustic treatment to control reverberation time; an important element of the design for effective teaching.


The shear amount of mechanical services systems involved in this project coupled with the use of plastic ducts required a well coordinated design between Marshall Day Acoustics and Beca's mechanical engineers in order to ensure that appropriate background noise were achieved, making the spaces both a comfortable working environment and excellent teaching facility.


The Undergraduate Chemistry Laboratories have received international recognition at the S-Lab awards in London winning in the Refurbished Laboratory category.

"The facility is a real asset to the university and to our future scientists"

Ken Collins - Lab-works Director