RAAF Base Darwin 2043 ANEF

RAAF Base Darwin 2043 ANEF

A new Australian Noise Exposure Forecast (ANEF) map is being prepared RAAF Base Darwin, Darwin International Airport and Robertson Barracks. This new forecast is intended to replace the current ANEF published in 2016, and includes future forecast civilian and military aircraft flying activity to the year 2043.

The ANEF map is used in conjunction with Australian Standard 2021 – 2015 Acoustics - Aircraft Noise Intrusion - Building Siting and Construction, by planning authorities when considering applications for new development sites in the vicinity of Australian aerodromes. This Australian Standard provides guidance to determine whether land within a particular ANEF contour is suitable for new development, and whether sound insulation should be considered as part of new developments.

Development of the ANEF

The development of the new ANEF for RAAF Base Darwin involved examining different potential future aircraft operating scenarios. These include progressive changes in aircraft types (new Navy, Army and Air Force aircraft which visit the base) as well as updates in operating patterns of aircraft. As a joint user airfield, the ANEF also includes civilian aircraft activity, which is subject to a technical review by Airservices Australia.

The results from these scenario models are presented on Australian Noise Exposure Concept (ANEC) maps that are used during the community and stakeholder engagement process to obtain feedback. The feedback is taken into consideration before an ANEC map is selected to represent the forecast noise exposure. Once reviewed and endorsed by both Airservices and Defence, this becomes the new ANEF.

Public Information Sessions

Public information sessions will be held on Thursday 23 February 2023. Members from the noise modelling team, as well as Defence and Darwin Airport representatives will be available on the day to provide more information on the process or answer any of your questions.

Further information, including schedule for the public information sessions, the draft ANEF and supporting documentation, is available on the Defence website.

Submissions, comments or inquiries are open until the 10 March 2023, and can be made by emailing engage@marshallday.com.


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