Celebrating 10 Years at Marshall Day Acoustics

Celebrating 10 Years at Marshall Day Acoustics

And we're off to an exciting start of the year! We wanted to take the time to recognise Lachlan Deen, Gillian Lee and Alex Morabito's 10 years with Marshall Day Acoustics. 

We appreciate each of you and are so grateful for your dedication, passion and excellent work over the years. 

Congratulations on your milestone and happy anniversary to all! 

"These 10 years have given me opportunities to work on an incredibly diverse range of projects with a few interesting site visits along the way. I am proud to continue working in a field and for a company like MDA that contributes to the health and wellbeing of all through the control of noise." - Alex Morabito


"Where else but at Marshall Day could you find yourself at RAAF air bases measuring noise from fighter jets, consulting your way through a Canadian winter while on exchange, facing off with a heard of cows under a wind turbine, perched at the top of a 1--storey power plant exhaust stack at midnight, dressed as an Avatar character at a black-tie event, inspecting a construction site in Fiji, navigating backstage areas of concerts, installing a weather station on the end of a crane, and bush bashing up a hill while carrying noise loggers on a restricted island." - Lachlan Deen


"Coming up to 10 years at Marshall Day has given me cause to reflect on my time with the company. I've been fortunate to have found at MDA some truly remarkable mentors and very talented acoustic brains from whom I have learned a great deal. These people have been brave or silly enough to let me loose on some great projects in all sorts of fields (of acoustics, and the grassy kind). One of my favourite parts of the job is the sheer diversity of clients I've been able to work and collaborate with, and I'm very thankful for that opportunity." - Gillian Lee


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