Māori Language Week

Māori Language Week
Taringa whakarongo! (Let your ears listen)
This week we are celebrating Māori Language Week = Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori 2020 with a series of events.


  • Calista's daughter will sing Māori colours of the rainbow
  • Te reo for their status colour in workload meeting (e.g. kikorangi – blue, kākāriki – green, karaka – orange, whero - red)
  • MDA staff’s kids to sing waiata (songs)


Seminar, featuring:

  • Mihi (Keith)
  • Pronunciation 101 (Brendon)
  • Te reo in MDA reports and Court introductions (Craig)
  • Māori instruments (Mal book review)
  • TupuToa / Diversity Agenda (Craig)


  • Pronunciation tips (Oli)


  • Te papa Quiz (Tom)


  • Playlist of classic Māori songs for night drinks (Oli)
Here are some words relevant to our work:
• taringa: ear
• whakarongo: listen
• oro – sound, music, echo
• mātai oro – acoustics (field of study)


For more information visit here.

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